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APA Style, 7th Edition

A guide to using APA Style for writing research papers.

Citing Religious Works

Religious works including the Bible are cited like other books with the following exceptions:

  • Religious works are treated as having no author, but an edited or annotated version such as a study Bible would be cited as having an editor.
  • Republished dates are included in the reference. 

See APA section 10.2 examples 35 for more information. 

R: Carson, D.A., (Ed.). (2015). NIV Zondervan study Bible. Zondervan.

In the parenthetical citation, include the specific passage including book, chapter, and verse as indicated in section 8.13 and 8.28.

P: (Carson, 2015, I Tim. 1:13)


APA does not provide a list of preferred abbreviations for books of the Bible. Lincoln Christian University suggests using traditional or common abbreviations. For example, Genesis is abbreviated Gen. and 1st Corinthians is abbreviated 1 Cor.