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How Do I Find Dissertations, Doctoral Projects, and Theses?

A guide to assist you in locating and accessing dissertations and theses through the Jessie C. Eury Library.

Dissertations, Doctoral Projects, and Theses

This guide provides information on finding and locating Dissertations, Doctoral Projects, and Theses. 

What is a Dissertation? A Dissertation is a book length research project that culminates years of research with the desire to add new information to the field and is written at the conclusion of a doctoral degree (Ph.D)

What is a Doctoral Project? A Doctoral Project is a book length project that reports on an applied or action-oriented research project completed by a professional in the field and is written at the conclusion of a professional doctoral program such as Doctorate of Ministry, Doctorate of Missiology, or Doctorate of Education. 

What is a Thesis? A thesis is a book length essay that may be written as part of a Master's degree. 

Why use a Dissertation, Doctoral Project, or Thesis in your research?  These sources often provide new research that may not be available in other published books or articles. Often this research is later published in other books or articles.  Dissertations, Doctoral Projects, and Theses are also great places to locate other sources through citations used and to become familiar with the research being done in your subject area. 

Individuals who are writing a DMin project will want to also include dissertations in their research as the bibliographies and new research being done in the field may be vital to the problem or issue addressed in your project.