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Faculty Resources & Services

A guide for faculty regarding Library Resources and Services for them.

Ebooks on Ebsco

The library has access to many resources via Ebooks on EBSCOhost.  Some Ebooks on EBSCOhost may be read by only one person at a time while others have unlimited use.  

There are several options for linking to resources depending on how you wish to incorporate a resource into your class. Options include Link to the Entire Book and Link to a Specific Chapter or Section.

1. Link to the Entire Book

There are times when you want to link to an entire book either to alert students this a resource to utilize in research or that you want them to read in entirety. The best way to link to a book is through LCU DISCOVERY. 

Link to an entire Ebook in LCU DISCOVERY


2. Link to a Specific Chapter or Section

There are times when you wish to link to a specific chapter or section for students to read. After locating the book in either LCU DISCOVERY or EBSCO eBooks, 

Click on Table of Contents

For a dictionary like this one, find the chapter or section you need.

Select the section you wish

Click Permalink after finding the section you need.


PsycBooks provides access to each chapter as an individual PDF.  This allows multiple students to use the item simultaneously and allows faculty members to easily create a link to a specific resource.

View the Table of Contents for the PsycBook

When viewing the specific chapter, click the title.

Click Permalink and then copy the displayed Permalink. Click Permalink

ATLA Historical Monographs

ATLA Historical Monographs contains scans of primary sources.  The full text is available as a TFF and can be viewed by multiple people simultaneously.  A Permanent Link may be created to the entire document or to a certain page or section of the document.

1. Link to the Entire Document

The Library recommends finding and linking to the resource through LCU DISCOVERY as shown below.

Click Permalink

2. Link to a Certain Page or Section of the Document

Many of the ATLA Historical Monographs are quite large. You may wish for students to read only a section of a document.

While viewing a document, the table of contents appears to the left of the item.  Click on a section to view that portion of the document.

Click the Link icon to display the permanent link.








The Permalink will display that can be copied and pasted into Canvas or sent via email.

Permalink to a section appears in a bubble from the Link icon.


The library has access to many TREN documents which provide full-text access to theses and DMin projects. Linking to these items within LCU DISCOVERY is recommended.

Students will need to log-in using their username and password to access TREN documents.  These documents may be downloaded and read off-line.