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Faculty Resources & Services

A guide for faculty regarding Library Resources and Services for them.

Library Resources as Course Materials

The Jessie C. Eury Library's vast collection of online accessible journal articles, ebooks, streaming videos, and audio recordings may be used as course materials to replace or supplement texts by creating a permanent URL. 

  • These permanent URLs are easy for students to access and eliminate the need to scan print items into a PDF.   

  • Creating a link rather than downloading and posting the item or copying a print item avoids copyright issues and is so easy.

  • The link automatically restricts viewing to authorized Lincoln Christian University faculty and students.

  • Users will be prompted to log-in using their LCU username and password.

  • Even though links are permanent, make sure to check links each semester and to update links to the most current resources.

  • Best practices would indicate including full citation information so that students can find the article themselves if needed as well.

Some faculty members prefer to have students search for a specific article in order to gain search skills.  When doing this, please ensure that a full citation to find the article or resource is given.

What if you want to include resources NOT available in Full Text? 

The Jessie C. Eury Library can help you obtain legal copies of those resources, obtain copyright permission, and copyright clearance fees. See the links below for more information. 

The Jessie C. Eury Library encourages you to create links to library content within your courses. 

1. Links to books, ebooks, or streaming videos should link to LCU DISCOVERY.

2. Links to specific articles or a specific chapter of an ebook should link to the actual resource.

Please contact Library staff for assistance in changing your links.

Creating a Permanent Link to Full Text Articles

A permanent URL is available for full text articles in the Jessie C. Eury Library journal databases via EBSCOhost.

The URL in your address bar as you look at articles is NOT a permanent link.

Permalink appears in the Tools to the right of the article.

Copy the Permalink that appears above the article

Sage Knowledge Articles

The library has access to over 70 full text references works from Sage Publishing through the Sage Knowledge platform. You may link to an entire book or link to a specific entry.

Note:  When linking to Sage Knowledge resources you must ensure the LCU proxy link ( appears before any link so that off-campus students may access this valuable resource.

1. Link to Entire Book

You may wish to link to an entire book within Sage Knowledge as a required or recommended resource.  Perhaps there are multiple entries you wish for students to read or you desire for students to be aware of a particular source. To link to an entire book, search for the item in LCU DISCOVERY and use the Permalink located there as shown below.

Click Permalink and copy link to other source


The title specific link directs students to a page which lists all of the entries for that title.  From this page, users may Search within the book or locate an entry that starts with a particular word.  The Subject Index and Readers Guide are useful as well.From this page you may direct students to locate and find a specific entry to read.

2. Link to Specific Entry

Sometimes you want to link directly to a specific entry within Sage Knowledge. To do this, you must take the extra step of adding the Lincoln Christian University Proxy server link ( before the URL.  Failing to add the link will keep off-campus users from accessing Sage Knowledge. 

  Click Get link and then copy to clipboard.

When the proxy prefix is added the complete link to place in Canvas would be


The library has access to many TREN documents which provide full-text access to theses and DMin projects. Linking to these items within LCU DISCOVERY is recommended.

Students will need to log-in using their username and password to access TREN documents.  These documents may be downloaded and read off-line.