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Faculty Resources & Services

A guide for faculty regarding Library Resources and Services for them.

How Do I Let My TA Check Out Books for Me?

The Jessie C. Eury Library allows a TA (or other designated individual) to check out books and media resources for a faculty member by proxy. Proxy patrons are able to check out books and other items for faculty use on the faculty member's library account by showing their LCU student ID and stating they are checking books out for a specific faculty member. Proxy patrons may not check out books for their personal use on a faculty member's account even if they are working on a research project with the faculty member. Proxy patron status allows Library staff to be certain a student is allowed to check out books for a specific faculty member and eliminates the need for a faculty member to give their personal ID to a student.

To set up a Proxy Patron print out the form below and return a signed copy to the Library.