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Faculty Resources & Services

A guide for faculty regarding Library Resources and Services for them.

The Library has been actively adding ebook copies of textbooks to our collections. However, often students aren't aware these books are available for their use. To help students be aware that a book is available for their use, IT has added a checkbox to indicate if a book is available as an ebook in the Library. 

Facutly Textbook portal. Red circle around text stating "ebook availabe in library?"

How You Can Help:

1. Check your textbook list in LCU Discovery to see if an ebook is available or if needed, send your textbook list to

  • If the book is available, please check the box as noted above. 
  • If the book is NOT available, please send me an email with the book information ASAP so we can investigate adding the item. 
  • Please note that not all textbooks are available in an e-copy for purchase by libraries but we will do our best. 

2. If you wish to include a link to an ebook in your Canvas course for required or supplemental reading, instructions on how to link to an entire ebook or to a specific section are linked below.