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eBooks on EBSCO

A guide to searching and using eBooks on the EBSCOhost platform.

Search for eBooks on EBSCO in the Library Catalog or in EBSCOhost.

EBSCO Basic Search

Basic Search searches for the entered keyword anywhere in the item record including the book title, essay or chapter title, abstract, subject descriptors, and author's name.

Enter a search term or terms and then click Search.

Searches may be made more specific by using:

  • Phrase Searching or placing quotation marks around a multi-word search term such as "Domestic Violence."
  • Boolean Searching which combines two or more search terms using the Booleano operators AND, OR, NOT.
  • Proximity Searching by using the letter N for Near or the letter W for Within and a number for the number of words between the two keywords.  For example, "domestic N5 violence" would search for the words domestic and violence appearing within 5 words of each other.
  • Truncation by using an asterisk (*) after a root word to find all variations of a word.  For example, psyc* would find psychology, psychiatry, psychiatrist, psyche, and others.

Limit EBSCO Searches

EBSCO provides a variety of options to limit a search before the initial search. Specific options for limiting a search vary between the different ebook databases. All of the eBooks provide the option of limiting searches by publication date. PsycBooks provides a variety of other limiters including References Available, Population Group, Age Group, and Intended Audience.