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eBooks on EBSCO

A guide to searching and using eBooks on the EBSCOhost platform.

Search Within ebooks by Ebsco

When reading a specific ebook within the EBSCO ebook collection, you may search the full text of the book.

Search within an epub for your topic.

Search by Publication

Search by Publication or Search by Books, a feature available in ATLA Historical Monographs and PsycBooks, has several useful functions.  It can be used to check if a certain book or publication is included in a database and provides access to additional search options such as Search Within Publication.

Click Publication or Books on the EBSCO menu bar at the top of the screen to access Search by Publication or Search by Books..

Select Publications

Click Books at the top of the page in the databases that allow Search by Books.



Search by Publication/Books offers three different search types: Alphabetical, By Subject & Description, or Match Any Words.

  • Alphabetical allows you to enter any publication title, or beginning of a title, and find it in an alphabetical list.  This is best if you know the exact publication title.
  • By Subject & Description allows you to search the description of a publication and is useful to find the titles of specific publications in a subject area.
  • Match Any Words allows you to search the title or subject and description of the publications and may result in a large number of titles.

Toggle the search type you want underneath the search bar.






Results will display in an alphabetical list or a relevancy list depending on the search type.  Scan the results to find the desired publication.

Selecting a specific book or publication will display specific publication information. A table of contents is available for books found in PsycBooks.

Search Within Publication

Search within a Publication is a useful tool for those times when you wish to limit your search to a specific publication either because you are looking for an article that you know was published in journal xyz or because you want to see how a particular topic was treated in a journal over time.  Search within a Publication also allows users to view a virtual table of contents for a specific issue of a publication.   This function is not available in all EBSCOhost databases.

To search within a publication, first search for the publication and click on the publication name to view the publication details.

Click Search within this publication, a link located in the upper right corner.

This will launch the search page with the publication name in the search box as shown below.

Click search to see the results.





This search will produce results containing the entered search term and the specified publication.