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eBooks on EBSCO

A guide to searching and using eBooks on the EBSCOhost platform.

Search Results Display

Search results in eBooks on Ebsco appear in the following format.

Book title, which you can click for more information, followed by author and publication date.  Then a list of subjects, useful in determining if a book will meet your research needs.  Below that, links to eBook Full Text to read the book or click Table of Contents to go to a specific section.

Search results in ATLA Historical Monographs Collections appear very similarly.

ATLA Monograph Results: Book title and publication information are first, while the link View Full Text is below.

Search results in PsycBooks appear slightly differently as individual chapters and essays are presented as separate results.

PsycBooks results: item title along with the name of the larger work in which the item appears.  Results may be viewed in PDF Full Text, linked under the Add to folder option.

Search results are displayed according to Relevancy or how closely EBSCO thinks the search result matches the entered search term.  Search results may be sorted in other ways.

More options appear if you click the Sort menu.  Options to sort search results: Date Descending, Date Ascending, Source, Author, and Relevance.  Date Descending can display the most recent items first.

Reading Search Results

The search result provides a variety of information which can assist you in searching for additional items and locate exact publication information. 

Working with ebook results: Click on the author's name to view other publications by that author.  Click a Subject to view additional items on this same subject.

Refining Search Results

After completing a basic or advanced search, numerous ways to narrow or refine a search appear to the left side of the search results.  The specific options vary depending on which ebook collection is being searched and the number of results available.  ATLA Historical Monographs, eBooks on Ebsco, and PsycBooks all offer limits by publication date, and Subject.  The following example comes from eBooks.

Refine or Narrow an ebook search: Limit to Full Text or to Download Available.  Limit the date published to a narrower range, such as recent books.  Limit by Source Types, Subject, or Category.

Tools for Working with Search Results

A variety of tools appear to the right of the item record which provide options for working with the record now and in the future.  Some of these tools require you to sign into MyEBSCOhost to use.  Without an account, you can still Print, E-mail, or Save an article or record; Cite will show you a citation for the article; Export will give you a format used by bibliographic management software; Permalink and Bookmark offer links that will bring you or someone you share them with back to this record later.  Permanent folders and notes are attached to an account you must set up with the site, not the same as your library or LCU accounts.