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Stone-Campbell Movement Research Guide

A guide to Stone-Campbell Movement resources available within and through the Jessie C. Eury Library.

Historic Stone-Campbell Movement Journals Held by the Jessie C. Eury Library

The following abbreviations are used in this list:

  • Index indicates an individual paper index is available;
  • P indicates the title is available in a paper or book format;
  • MF indicates the title is available on microfilm;
  • MC indicates the title is available on microcard.

Alabama Christian Index P

Alliance Weekly P

American Christian Quarterly Review (Cincinnati) P

American Christian Review (by Benjamin Franklin) Index, P, MF

Apostolic Advocate (by John Thomas) P

Arbatus (by Ashley Johnson) P

Bible Champion (by Jay B. Hamilton) P

Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review P

Biblical World (later Christian Advocate) P

Christian (by Garrison Smart) MF

Christian (by Short) P

Christian (by W. W. Eaton) P

Christian (Kansas City, MO) P

Christian Advocate (by T. H. Milner) P

Christian Advocate (by T. H. Milner; 2nd Series) P

Christian Advocate (by T. H. Milner; 3rd Series) P

Christian Advocate (formerly Bible Advocate and Biblical World) P

Christian Baptist (by A. Campbell) Index, P

Christian Baptist (by A. Campbell; College Press reprint) Index, P

Christian Baptist (by A. Campbell; D. S. Burnet edition) Index, P

  • An online index of the Burnet edition of the Christian Baptist is available.

Christian Beacon P

Christian Evangelist Index, P

Christian Evangelist (by Craig et al.) Index, MF

Christian Examiner and Religious Miscellany (4th series) P

Christian Faith and Life (by H. P. Sloan) P

Christian Herald (by Downs and Carr) MF

Christian Herald (formerly Herald of Gospel Liberty) MC

Christian Palladium (by D. Millard et al.) P

Christian Quarterly

Christian Quarterly (New Series) P, MF

Christian Quarterly (by Moore) P, MF

Christian Quarterly (by Moore; New Series-Missing 1895) P

Christian Quarterly Review MF

Christian Quarterly Review (by Herndon)

Christian Record (1st Series) P, MF

Christian Record (2nd Series) P, MF

Christian Record (3rd Series) P, MF

Christian Record (4th Series) P, MF

Christian Record (5th Series) MF

Christian Record (6th Series) P, MF

Christian Record (loose leaf issues) P

Christian Union Quarterly P

Christian World MF

Church Reporter MF

Disciple, The (by Loos) MF

Disciple, The (by Radford and Brown) P

Disciple, The (formerly World Call)

Disciples Theological Digest P

Emancipator P

Golden Rule P

Gospel Herald P

Gospel Proclamation MF

Herald of Truth MF

Herald of Truth & Ladies' Home Magazine (by W. T. Harner) P

Impact for Christ (Restoration Movement) P

Johnson's Quarterly (by Ashley Johnson) P

Ladies Christian Annual (by J. Challen) P

Monthly Christian Age MF

Morning Watch MF

NACC Update (North American Christian Convention) P

NCCC Chronicles (National Council of the Churches of Christ) P

New Testament Quarterly MF

New Testament Christian P

New Testament News (of the Christian Church) P

NRIC Research Record (now Research Record) P

Old Faith Contender P

Old Testament Student (by William R. Harper) P

Pension Fund Bulletin (Disciples of Christ) P

Quarterly Christian Spectator P

World Call (now The Disciple) P

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