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MLA Style

A guide to MLA style citations for Lincoln Christian University students.

MLA provides specific formatting instructions for papers, parenthetical in-text citations, and works cited pages.  The boxes located on this page provide further information on MLA's formatting instructions with specialized information for Lincoln Christian University students.

Name & Title Pages

Short Papers or Class Assignments:

A paper of 5 pages or less is considered a short paper and does not need a separate title page.

  • A double-spaced heading at the top left of the page should include your name, course title, and date.
  • A blank line should separate the heading from the title which should be centered.

Long or Major papers:

A paper over 5 pages is considered a long or major paper.  A long paper may have a separate title page if the professors requires it.

  • Titles should be typed in upper and lower case letters and appear in the upper half of the page.
  • Author's name should appear towards the bottom of the page and be centered.
  • Just beneath the author's name, list the course title, professor's name, and submission date on separate lines.
  • All text on the title page should be centered and double-spaced.
  • Professors always have the final say on items to include in a title page.


Margins and Fonts

  • All pages must have one-inch margins on all four sides.
  • Text should be left-aligned.  Do not justify the right margin.
  • LCU recommends using Times New Roman twelve-point font.

Spacing and Indentation

  • Double-space every line of the manuscript including works cited lists.   
  • Indent all paragraphs one tab or five spaces.  Lincoln Christian University recommends using tabs for consistent alignment.

Page Numbers and Running Heads

After placing all sections of your paper in proper order, number all pages except the title page.  Utilize a "running head" which contains your last name followed by a space and the page number.

Spacing After Punctuation

There should be one space after punctuation marks within a sentence, such as after a comma, colon, or semicolon, and after periods at the end of sentences, in the works cited list, and after initials in a person's name.