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Physiological Psychology

A guide to assist students with assignments for Physiological Psychology PSY 480.


When searching for psychology topics, PsycBooks is a must use as these resources are published and/or selected by the APA.  PsycBooks also provides opportunities to search within the text of a book and many other additional search features. 

Psychology Articles

Begin your search with PsycINFO.

Note: PsycArticles is a subset of PsycINFO. The library recommends searching PsycINFO in order to find the most resources for your topic. 

Search Tips: 

Use the Thesaurus within PsycINFO. 

When you find an article you like, use the subject headings in the article to find additional articles on the same topic. 

Limit your search results to the last 5 years for psychology articles. 

Narrow your searches by using a Boolean AND.  For example, search for your topic AND then another aspect or level of the topic such as genes, cells, biochemicals, brain anatomy, cognition, or environment.