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Physiological Psychology

A guide to assist students with assignments for Physiological Psychology PSY 480.

Psychological Articles

PsycINFO: PsycINFO will be an invaluable resource for your research. Use the subject headings below from the APA Thesaurus to begin your search. For the best results, complete your own search of APA Thesaurus to view the large list of specific drug types in each category.

Combining a search for a drug category AND the level or aspect such as genetics or relationships will help narrow your search as shown below. 

Advanced search for DE "CNS Stimulating Drugs" AND Genetics

Theological Articles

To locate theological articles, you will begin your search with ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials. You also may find Christian Periodical Index useful. 

Search Tips:

Search for the specific disorder or for the more general disorder type. 

Use the Thesaurus within ATLA Religion Database. 

When you find an article you like, use the subject headings in the article to find additional articles on the same topic. 

Limit your search results to the last 10 years for theology articles. 

Narrow your searches by using a Boolean AND.  For example, search for the specific drug category or specific drug AND a theological aspect you are considering.