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Congregational Ministry

A guide to resources in the Jessie C Eury Library on Congregational Ministry.

Search for Dissertations and Theses


TREN items may be searched via the direct link in the Dissertations and Theses box or via the Jessie C.  Eury Library catalog. To search for just TREN documents, do a keyword search for TREN or do an Advanced search for a topic AND TREN.

Evaluating DMin Projects

It is important to keep in mind that DMin Projects are so much more than simply an extended research paper or report.  In a DMin Project, the author actually conducts a project or study of an issue that must include specific sections.  As such, the reader must look for and evaluate aspects of the project prior to referencing it in their own research.  

1. Does the project have an introduction or initial description of the problem or issue being researched, the method being used, and the results of the project?

2.  What is the problem or issue being researched? 

3. Describe the method used in the project including who are the participants, what instrument(s) are being used, and other variables unique to this project.  In short, describe the method to someone who has not read this project. 

4. Summarize the results or findings of the project related to the instruments used in the method.

5. Summarize the conclusion or implications of the study. Are the implications transferable to other settings?

6. How does this project concur or differ from other resources or DMin projects you have read?  Do the resources susbstantiate each other or cancel each other out?