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New Testament Research Guide

A guide to New Testament resources available within and through the Jessie C. Eury Library.

The Jessie C. Eury Library has numerous biblical commentaries to support students and faculty at Lincoln Christian University. 

A biblical commentary is an explanation or exegesis of a book or passage in the Bible.  Commentaries:

  • Vary in purpose such as for in-depth study, a devotional emphasis, teaching, preaching, or a special focus.
  • Use Greek, Hebrew, and/or English texts.
  • Cover a wide range of theological positions.

Online Commentaries

The Jessie C. Eury Library has access to a growing number of Online Commentaries including the renowned Anchor Bible Commentary series. 

Commentaries are shelved in the Reference Collection and General Stacks.

Reference Collection commentaries:

  • Use the original biblical languages for exegesis.
  • Are considered critical or technical for comprehensive study or research.
  • Typically include footnotes and a bibliography of resources.
  • Provide the resources needed for an exegetical paper assignment.

Reference commentaries are for in-library use, but may be checked out overnight as needed.

All other commentaries are shelved in General Stacks.

General Stacks commentaries:

  • Less use of original Biblical languages.
  • May or may not be verse-by-verse.
  • Emphasizes practical application of the text.

Keep in mind that when you are writing an exegetical paper, often you are focusing on a specific passage rather than the entire book. You can place a Scan Request for just the section you need!

Search for Commentaries

To search for books on the Bible it is helpful to use Library of Congress Subject Headings.

  • All items concerning the New Testament begin the subject heading Bible. N.T.

To narrow a search place another word such as commentaries after the initial search.

To find commentaries about a specific book of the Bible, use the following format:

Bible N.T. Book of Bible. Commentaries

More New Testament Commentaries

To learn more about New Testament commentaries, consult the following resources:

Additional Commentaries

Refer to the the Bible Research Guide and the Old Testament Research Guide for information on additional commentaries you may wish to consult.