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About the Library

Everything we're allowed to let you know about the Jessie C. Eury Library

Printing & Photocopying

  • The photocopier is also a printer and scanner.
  • Photocopying, printing, and scanning are free of charge for LCU students.
  • Scans will be sent to the LCU student's email address as either a PDF or TIFF file.
  • Use of the photocopier is expected to comply with United States laws governing copyrighted materials, especially being aware of what constitutes "fair use" in an academic setting.

Computer Use

  • The Library has wireless access on all three floors.
  • The Library has a number of research computers on the first floor that are primarily for accessing the Library's online resources (including the Library catalog). Note: These computers do not have access to Microsoft Office.
  • Students and employees may check notebook computers out at the Library Service Desk for use in the Library. All of the notebooks have Microsoft Office installed on them.
  • Both the research computers and the notebook computers print to the student photocopier.
  • Please report any problems with wireless access to Information Technology at
  • Library computers are primarily provided for student use. While visitors are free to use the research computers, they may be asked to give their seat up during times of high use.

Food & Drink

  • Food is not permitted in the Library.
  • Drinks are allowed in covered containers (e.g., bottles with screw-on tops, coffee cups with lids).
  • Anyone violating this rule will be asked to leave and the food and/or non-covered drink may be confiscated.


  • Be respectful of others using the Library and take all cell phone calls to the hallway outside the Library.
  • The phones in the Library are for library staff use only.
  • Do not have someone use the Library phone to reach you unless it is an emergency.


  • Loud noises and conversations are not permitted in the Library.
  • Music must be listened to with headphones at a volume that is not hearable by those seated nearby.
  • Patrons guilty of being excessively noisy will be asked to leave.


  • Do NOT take items out of the Library without checking them out at the Library Service Desk.
  • The Library has installed a security system in order to remind borrowers to check out materials properly at the Library Service Desk before leaving the Library
  •  The Library is not responsible for any personal items (such as notebook computers, purses, and backpacks) left unattended.


  • Children in the Library must always be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Unattended children will be asked to leave.


  • During emergencies, library staff will provide direction for patrons as appropriate to the situation.
  • Please be attentive and cooperative during the situation in order to insure safety for all.

Study Carrels

  • Study carrels are available to Seminary and Graduate students on a "first come, first served" basis.
  • Inquiries about the availability of study carrels should be made to the Library Technical Assistant for Acquisitions & Operations at (217) 732-3168 ext. 2231.


The Library "dress code" consists of one rule and one recommendation:
  • The rule is, for your own safety, shoes should be worn at all times.
  • The recommendation is that, as a public space on the campus of a Christian university, the Library expects its patrons to dress in a way that does not dishonor Christ.


  • The Library has a Microform Reader/Printer.
  • The reader/printer supports both microfilm and microfiche.
  • Printing costs 10 cents per page.