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Bible Background

This guide provides information on Bible background resource in order to better understand Scripture's context.

What's in this LibGuide?

Ancient Near Eastern Cultures

This section provides resources for the study of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures that are around Israel. Study of these cultures can provide a concept of the broader worldview in which the Ancient Hebrews lived. These resources include information about Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Assyria, Phoenecia, as well as a handful of other cultures. Included are resources for:

  • The Study of Ancient Near Eastern History
  • The Study of Everyday Life in the Sandals of an Ancient Near Eastern Citizen
  • The Study of Archaelogy in the Ancient Near East
  • The Study of Original Documents and Sources from the Ancient Near East

The titles listed in these boxes are reference books available in the Jessie C. Eury Library's Reference Room for your use as well as some items which are a part of the main collection. Some of these books cannot be removed from the library.

Original Sources

Ancient Near Eastern History

General Bible Background Resources

Societal Structure

Everyday Life



Archaeology Journals


Need Help?

If you need assistance using or locating any of these resources or desire to find additional resources on these topics, please contact the library. 

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