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Youth and Family Ministry

A guide to Youth and Family Ministry resources in the Jessie C. Eury Library.

YM 327

Your assignment is to write a scholarly paper of at least 12 pages on "Our Youth Ministry's Stratgegy based on Adolescent Development." Your assignment requires at least seven books and two articles. Use the links and information below to help you find the sources you need. 

When searching for books and ebooks, use LCU Discovery. You will find the following subject headings particularly useful.

Please note, Child Development often encompasses children up to age 12 and is worth consulting.

The Jessie C. Eury Library has a large and growing collection of eBooks. You wlll find the most success searching those resources separately in their own databases. Use the Link to eBooks in the side menu bar or below. PsycBooks is particularly helpful for the topics of adolescent development.

When searching for Articles on Adolescent Development PsycINFO and ERIC will be your best choices. However, if you are looking for resources related to your Ministry Strategy Response, ATLA and Christian Periodical index are useful. 

You will find the best search results by doing an Advanced Search combined with one of the subject terms listed AND one of the five major human developmental areas as shown below.

Advanced Search screen "DE "Adolescent Development" AND social development