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Theology Research Guide

A guide to theology resources available within and through the Jessie C. Eury Library.

Search for Books

Search for books, articles, videos and more in LCU DISCOVERY

Search Hints

To search for books on the Bible it is helpful to use Library of Congress Subject Headings.

  • All items concerning the Old Testament begin with the subject heading Bible. O.T.
  • All items concerning the New Testament begin with the subject heading Bible. N.T.

Narrower topics concerning the Bible are added following the main subject heading such as Bible. N.T. Theology.

To find books about a specific book of the Bible, use the following format:

Bible O.T. Book of Bible

Bible N.T. Book of Bible

The above search may be narrowed by adding one of the below listed topics such as commentaries, criticism, or prophecies after the book of the Bible.

Browse for Books

Browse for Bible Resources in the Jessie C. Eury Library in the following locations:

230 Christian Theology

231 God

232 Jesus Christ

233 Humankind

234 Salvation and Grace

235 Spiritual Beings

236 Eschatology

238 Creeds, Confessions of Faith, Covenants, Catechisms

239 Apologetics and Polemics

264.3 Holy Communion

265.1 Baptism