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Scholarly Articles

A guide describing what is a scholarly journal article.

Often professors will stipulate in an assignment that you must use a scholarly or academic article or that you need so many scholarly articles.  These are sometimes also called Peer-Review but it is important to keep in mind that not all scholarly articles are Peer-Reviewed. So, what is a scholarly article?

Read these definitions and watch the videos on Scholarly Articles and Article Types in the boxes below. 

Scholarly Article: Article written by a scholar for other scholars in the field that includes citations or other sources. 

Peer-Reviewed: A peer-Reviewed article is scholarly AND has been reviewed by a board of other experts in the field to ensure the article is accurate and meets the qualifications of a scholarly article in the field. Peer-reviewers often give feedback indicating how to improve the article before resubmission to a journal. 

You may also hear the term Empirical Study or Researched Article mentioned. 

An Empirical Study is a published study of original research done by the authors. 

For more information on Empirical Studies, you are encouraged to consult the Research Methods guide linked below and view the video Article types. 

Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals or Popular Magazines

For more information on Peer-Review, view the video linked below.