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Research Methodologies

A guide introducing various research methodologies

What is Quantitative Research?

Quantitative research focuses on data which can be manipulated mathematically, such as statistics.  Measurement instruments, seen as more objective, are used to separate the researcher from the subject being studied.  An example of quantitative research is creating a survey which is administered to a random sample in order to generalize the results to a larger population.

The following article from The Encyclopedia of Research Design provides a fuller description of Quantitative Research.

Other Terms Used

Although generally referred to as "Quantitative Research," numerous specific research methods are used when conducting quantitative research. 

Finding Quantitative Research

To limit searches to Quantitative Research, you must use Advanced Search in whatever database you are searching. 

The Advanced Search link is underneath the search boxes when you go to a database.

Databases are listed below in alphabetical order in addition to search helps specific to that database.