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Research Methodologies

A guide introducing various research methodologies

What is Qualitative Research?

"Qualitative research seeks out the ‘why’, not the ‘how’ of its topic through the analysis of unstructured information – things like interview transcripts, emails, notes, feedback forms, photos and videos. It doesn’t just rely on statistics or numbers, which are the domain of quantitative researchers.

Qualitative research is used to gain insight into people's attitudes, behaviours, value systems, concerns, motivations, aspirations, culture or lifestyles. It’s used to inform business decisions, policy formation, communication and research."

QSR International, "What is Qualitative Research?,"  QSR international, (accessed June 9, 2010).

The following article from the Encyclopedia of Research Design provides a fuller description of Qualitative Research. 

The following new open-access book is highly recommended for D. Min students doing ministry research.

Other Terms Used

Although generally referred to as "Qualitiative Research," numerous specific research methods are used when conducting qualitative research. 

Finding Qualitative Research

To limit searches to Qualititative Research, you must use Advanced Search in whatever database you are searching. 

The Advanced Search link is underneath the search boxes when you go to a database.

Databases are listed below in alphabetical order in addition to search helps specific to that database.