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Finding and Using Images

A guide to finding and using images with proper citations.

Attribute or Credit Images

All images need to have an attribution directly beneath the image. 

Ideally, all attributions should contain the title of the image, the source where the image is found, who created the image, and the image license. Attributions should be listed in the following format:

"Title of image" (Hyperlinked to source) by "Image Creator" (hyperlinked to a profile page) is licensed under "CC license" (hyperlinked to information about license type).

The link below provides examples and information on how to properly attribute images. Keep in mind specific style manuals or disciplines may have additional requirements.

Citing Images

Images must be included in a bibliography, reference list, or works cited list just like other resources you use. 

Basic recommendations for citing images are to include the following elements. 

  • Creator's name. 
  • Title of work.
  • Date created.
  • Current location of image (museum, repository, etc.) 
  • City and/or country of origin.
  • Type of work or medium
  • Dimensions.

For sources found online, include the URL and date accessed.

For sources found in a book or article, include the publication information regarding the book or article as well. 

As always, check the preferred citation manual for your discipline or check with your professor for additional instructions.