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Turabian 9 Author-Date Style

19.6.1 Theses & Dissertations

In section 19.7.1, Turabian indicates theses, dissertations, and doctoral projects are treated similarly to books with several exceptions. Exceptions include the following:

  • Titles must be enclosed in quotation marks and in regular type rather than italics.
  • List the thesis type, degree-granting institution, and date.  Dissertation should be abbreviated as diss., but thesis is not abbreviated.

R: Windham, Robert Neal. 2006. “On Forming Leaders for Ministry in the Postmodern World: A Model Based on the Writings of Henri J. M. Nouwen.” DMin diss., Azusa Pacific University.

P: (Windham 2006, 120)

When citing a thesis or doctoral project found in an online database, including TREN documents found in the Jessie C. Eury Library catalog, include the commercial database at the end of the citation in the same way you would cite an e-book as described in section 19.1.10.

R: Williamson, Paul A. 2007. “Missionary Self-identification in Muslim Contexts.” Master’s thesis, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2007. Theological Research Exchange Network.

P: (Williamson 2007, 55)