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APA Style, 7th Edition

A guide to using APA Style for writing research papers.


This guide exists to help Lincoln Christian University students write research papers using the APA style of citations as described in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association,7th edition.  This guide does not take the place of owning and referencing a complete copy of this manual. Instead, this guide serves to provide specific guidelines adopted or suggested by Lincoln Christian University for our campus.

For questions not answered here, please contact the library via email ( or check with the course professor. 

Reference Elements

In section 9.4, APA provides information on the Four Elements of a Reference which highlight the information that needs to be included in every reference and why this information is important. 

Author: Who wrote the item and needs credit for this information?

Date: When was this information published?

Title: What is the title of the work you are citing?

Source: Where can this information be found? 

Chapter 9 provides additional information on the details of formatting various aspects of these elements.

APA Style Blog

The APA Style Blog, listed below, is written by a group of twelve APA style experts most of whom are employed by APA as manuscript editors.

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