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How Do I Search WorldCat Discovery?

A guide to searching WorldCat Discovery to find books and articles.

WorldCat searches for books, DVDs, CDs, and individual journal articles in libraries all across the U.S. and the world. Users may easily locate the copy of an item in a library near them which may allow you to use or checkout the item. You may also request a book or journal articles via interlibrary loan using WorldCat Discovery.  In addition, users may create resource lists and sample citations.

This guide contains information on how to search WorldCat Discovery, request books and journal articles through interlibrary loan, and create an account to create resource lists and citations.

Search WorldCat Discovery

Search allows users to enter one or more search terms in the text box and limit searches to a specific item type.  Search performs a basic keyword search.  Keep in mind search results can be quite large as you are searching books, media, and articles.

Search Lincoln Christian University and beyond. Note the link to Advanced Search under the search box.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows users to combine two or more search terms and select various limits. Select your search type from the list.  Entering search terms in more than one box allows a user to combine the terms using the Boolean operators AND, OR or NOT. Click Add row to create additional rows for more search terms.

WorldCat allows you to limit your search to only return peer-reviewed articles, or by specific format, range of years, language, audience, content, and location.

WorldCat Discovery allows you to limit your search to specific databases. Click on the arrow and database category to view all of the databases in that group.