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How Do I Search WorldCat Discovery?

A guide to searching WorldCat Discovery to find books and articles.

WorldCat Discovery Search Results

Search results are returned in a list showing Book Title, Author, Publisher, and Published Date.

Results are automatically sorted by Library and Relevance with LCU items listed first.  Click the down arrow to sort results by relevance, date, or most widely held.  You can choose to search Libraries Worldwide or just Lincoln Christian University. Click on a title to view additional information about the book and libraries that hold it.

When Holding Libraries is selected, the option of entering a zip code appears.  WorldCat Discovery will then list holding libraries in the order of libraries closest to the entered location.

Many libraries will allow you to use a book within the library.  You may wish to inquire what circulation options you have at a nearby owning library.

Keep in mind that books available from I-Share libraries may be requested via the I-Share catalog.

Limit WorldCat Discovery Search Results

WorldCat Discovery search results may be limited in a variety of ways.

Search results may be limited by format.  The top 6 formats are listed by default, such as Article, Book, Downloadable archival material. Click on See All to view all format options.

Searches may be limited to a specific author, including organizations like the United Nations that publish reports.  Select See All to view a list of all authors. Search results may also be limited to a specific year or range of years.

Additional limits include Language and Topic.

Access Articles

WorldCat Discovery includes many formats including articles. 

WorldCat Discovery indicates when articles are available at Lincoln Christian University, either in print or in full text online.  Click View Online to view the full text article.

When accessing full text articles, you will be prompted to enter your LCU username and password if off-campus.  See Off-Campus access for more information.

Please note that some articles may not be available in full text.  These articles may be requested via Interlibrary Loan.

Request Items Using WorldCat Discovery

Upon finding an item using WorldCat Discovery, you may request the item directly from within WorldCat Discovery.

Click Request Item to access the request form.

Fill in the required information before clicking Submit at the bottom of the form.

The library will contact you via email when a book request arrives at our library.  Some book requests take longer to receive due to geographical distance or the item type. 

Article or copy requests are sent directly to the email entered as a PDF.  Some articles are posted to an FTP site and may be accessed via the URL and password sent to you.

Some items are unable to be obtained easily from other libraries.  Please contact the Jessie C. Eury Library ( if you have any questions about placing Interlibrary Loan requests via WorldCat Discovery.