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Systematic Theology

A guide for Dr. Cone's assignment


This guide contains information and resources to help you in completing your assignment.  If you have questions or suggestions to make this page more useful, please contact me via the information provided.

As you complete this assignment, you may find it useful to consult the theology research guide as well.

Search Terms and Scripture Search

When selecting search terms to use, keep in mind that often more than one word may be used to describe the doctrines you are researching.  This is particularly true for the Lord's Supper as different church and theological traditions describe and refer to this doctrine in multiple ways.

When searching for information and resources on key doctrines, make certain not to overlook searching for scripture references.  Key scripture passages are useful when searching for books, commentaries, and journal articles.

You may choose to utilize New Testament and Old Testament word study resources as well.  The document below may be useful in refreshing your memory on how to use key word study resources.