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Stone-Campbell Movement Research Guide

A guide to Stone-Campbell Movement resources available within and through the Jessie C. Eury Library.

Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History Readings

Encyclopedia Articles

The following encyclopedias are listed as resources for Dr. Lawson's assignment. These are print encyclopedia and are NOT available in full text.  However, the Library will scan a requested article from any of the encyclopedias to you.  For example, you would email the library or fill out the ILL request form and indicate you would like an article on Alexander Campbell from the Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement. 

Hints for Using Encyclopedias

When using encyclopedias in research, particularly when unable to physically browse the resources, you may wonder which ones to use and what articles to select. 

1. When selecting an encyclopedia to use, if the person you are researching falls into a specific category that is represented in one of the encyclopedias listed, that is the title you wish to use.  For example, if your individual represents a specific gender, ethnic group, or denomination, begin with the corresponding resources. 

2. If you are unable to find two articles by looking up the person you have selected, useful articles still may be found.  Additional topics to look up include their specific denomination, specific geographical locations, or specific events with which they are associated.

Note: The bibliographic citations at the bottom of encyclopedia articles as well as other resources are useful for locating additional resources. 

Other Sources to Use

The Library Catalog and I-Share provide access to a wealth of resources.  Books may be requested from any library.