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Sage Knowledge Help

A guide to using Sage Knowledge to find background information on a wide variety of topics.

Sage Knowledge offers several additional options when searching an individual title.  These options allows users to obtain an overview of a larger subject as well as concentrate on a particular topic. 

Browse or Search

Encyclopedias offer the option of browsing entries A-Z.

Use the alphabet to scroll through the list of alphabetical entries.  Use the Search within Encyclopedia box to search the full text of this encyclopedia. Use the Starts with box to enter the beginning letters of a word to find the accompanying entry.

Handbooks display the Table of Contents.

The entire Table of Contents appears, allowing you to immediately proceed to the appropriate chapter.  You can also use the Search within feature.

Subject Index

All items offer a Subject Index to browse or search.

On the Subject Index tab, you can use the alphabet links or the Starts with box to browse for your topic.

Reader's Guide

Reader's Guide is a resource provided for encyclopedias in Sage Knowledge.

Reader's Guide organizes entries into topics and is useful for obtaining an overview of a particular issue. Click on any topic to view entries associated with the topic.

Front/Back Matter

Click on the Front Matter or Back Matter tabs to view items found in the front or back of a printed book, such as information about the book and appendices.