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Sage Knowledge Help

A guide to using Sage Knowledge to find background information on a wide variety of topics.

Sage Knowledge provides several options for working with search results.  Options include printing, citing, and emailing an individual entry or printing or a page of search results.  Refine Search options are also available.

Working with Search Results

Click on an entry to view the item in full text.

The text of the article appears below the heading, or can be downloaded as a PDF. Use the searchbox to search within the article text.

The encyclopedia entry appears in full text below the entry title. Some entries also contain tables or graphs.

At the end of the article, the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) appears.  Numerous See also headings appear, directing you to additional articles as well.

Refine Search

Refine Search allows users to narrow search results by searching within the results or limiting the search to specific titles.  Users may also begin a new search from this screen.

You can limit the search by narrowing the range of publication dates or by choosing a specific subject.

You can click on the keywords links if any of them look useful, or narrow the content type to just chapters or to just entire works.

Email or Share

To print, email, or share an entry locate the icons found in the upper right.

When you click on the share icon, the box displayed below will show allowing you to email the item to yourself or someone else.
Enter a recipient's email address along with your own email and name.

At the bottom of the above form, options to share a link to the entry via a variety of social media appear.  Select the social media outlet of your choice.  Users will be prompted to log-in to their social media account before sharing a link. 

Please note that links sent via email or using the Share option will function on the LCU campus.  To utilize a link to any Sage resource off-campus, the LCU proxy link must be placed before the desired link. 


Click on the quotation marks link from the tools menu which appears above the entry.  A citation box will appear on the screen.