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Sage Knowledge Help

A guide to using Sage Knowledge to find background information on a wide variety of topics.


Sage Knowledge offers multiple ways to browse.

Sage browsing options, by subject like Education or by type like Handbooks

Browse Subject

Browse by Subject allows users to to view items related to a specific subject.   After selecting a subject, a list of narrowed subjects will appear. 

For example, Psychology has subheadings like Clinical/Abnormal Psychology.

Each subject is followed by a number in parentheses.  This number represents the  items related to this subject that are available in all Sage Knowledge resources rather than just items available in the Jessie C. Eury Library collection.  Due to this, some subjects results in zero (0) actual results.

Browse Content Type

Browse Content Type allows users to to view a list of all items by content type.   After selecting a content type, a list of all content available in that type will appear. 

The library's subscription includes many encyclopedias.