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Organizational Leadership Research Guide

A guide to Organizational Leadership resources available within and through the Jessie C. Eury Library.

OL 605

Research an aspect of intercultural leadership that you want to learn more about. As your library research assignment for this course, you are to do an advanced database search. Go to the LCU library website for the Research guide. After you have completed your research, prepare a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation showcasing your research. The presentation should include: 

  • Title Page
  • Page with Objectives or Purpose of Research/Presentation
  • Photos, graphics, and/or tables illustrating your ideas.
  • A minimum of 8 content slides beyond the title page, objective/purpose page, and references
  • Reference Page
  • Presenter notes--that discuss what you will say for each slide and/or enhance a reader's understanding of the topic If you do not understand how to incorporate presenter notes, please ask.