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How Do I Find Articles in EBSCO?

This guide contains resources to assist you in utilizing EBSCOhost journal databases.

Using Folders

EBSCO folder allows users to collect item records for a short time period or save them indefinitely using My EBSCOhost.

Click "Add to folder" underneath each item record you would like to keep.

Or click "Add to folder" in the menu bar to the right on the individual record.

To view the folder, click the Folder link in the top menu bar or  Go to: Folder View, at the bottom of the alert that appears after your folder has items saved.

Working with EBSCO Folders

Items placed in the Folder remain there until leaving the EBSCOhost database or may be kept indefinitely if saved to My EBSCOhost. 

Folder view allows users to print, email, save, or export to a bibliographic manager all articles in a folder. 

If logged into My EBSCOhost, items will be saved to the account.  If desired, users may create a custom folder to save items.  This helps to organize items according to specific subject or research topic. 

In the lower left menu bar, click New to create a folder.

Name the folder something memorable which describes the content.  Sub-folders may be created if desired.  Add whatever notes are needed to describe the content in order to jog your memory later. Click Save when you are finished.