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How Do I Find Articles in EBSCO?

This guide contains resources to assist you in utilizing EBSCOhost journal databases.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows users to create very specific searches.  Advanced Search combines up to multiple unique search words using Boolean Searching and allows users to choose which specific field will be searched.

Click on Advanced Search and then enter each keyword in a separate search box.  If you need additional search boxes, click Add a Row.

Click the down arrow to select a Boolean Operator, such as AND, OR, NOT.  On the right side, pull down the menu to select a specific field to search for any of your up to three separate search terms.

The following specific search fields may be selected in Academic Search.  The search fields vary between databases.  TX All Text  AU Author  TI Title  SU Subject Terms  AB Abstract or Author-Supplied Abstract  KW Author-Supplied Keywords  GE Geographic Terms  PE People  PS Reviews & Products  CO Company Entity  IC NAICS Code or Description  DN DUNS Number  TK Ticker Symbol  SO Journal Name  IS ISSN (No Dashes)  IB ISBN  AN Accession Number

What's a Boolean Operator? 

Limits within Advanced Search

Advanced Search offers several limits not provided in Basic Search.

Document Type, Language, and Image Type are some of the additional limits available in Advanced Search.Keep in mind limits vary from database to database.