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eBooks on Ebook Central

A guide to using eBooks on Ebook Central which are provided by CARLI.

Ebook Central Detail Page

Whether you find a book through searching ProQuest Ebook Central or your library catalog, we provide lots of information about the book to help you decide whether to use it for your research.

At a glance you can see:

  • If the title is currently available
  • How many copies are available at your institution
  • The Table of Contents and book description
  • Copy and print allowances
  • How long you can download the book for
  • Full set of bibliographic data, including series and edition

If you download the book through the system, you can have access to it for 7 days.

If you choose to work with the book, you may do the following:

  • Read online
  • Download the full book
  • Download the specific chapter
  • Save the book to your bookshelf
  • Share a link to the book
  • Cite the book