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eBooks on Ebook Central

A guide to using eBooks on Ebook Central which are provided by CARLI.

Chapter Download

Chapter Downloads allow you to download a chapter, page range, or single page as a PDF. The PDFs are searchable and selectable, include a citation and do not expire.

Chapter Downloads are available from Chapter Results, the Detail Page and the Reader toolbar.

Chapter Download - Detail Page

1. Detail Page Chapter Download: From the Detail Page, select the Chapter Download icon.

The Chapter Download icon is on the left-hand side under the Read Online and Full Download links.

Chapter Download Menu - Detail Page

2. Detail Page, Chapter Download Pop-up: Select your chapter from the Chapter Select menu and your citation style from the Citation Style menu. Save or Print the PDF file.

There are many citation styles available.  Choose Continue after you select one.

Chapter Download - Reader Menu

3. Reader Toolbar Chapter Download Pop-up: From the Reader toolbar, select the Chapter Download or Print to PDF icons and select Page Range options and your citation style. Save or Print the PDF file.

Here you can choose to download the current chapter  to PDF, or type a range of pages instead.  For copyright reasons you will not be able to print or save the entire book.