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eBooks on Ebook Central

A guide to using eBooks on Ebook Central which are provided by CARLI.

Install - Adobe Digital Editions

If you’re using a laptop or desktop, you need Adobe Digital Editions, a free program that is different than Adobe Reader.

A free Adobe ID is also required to transfer the ebook to another device, but not if you’re just reading it on the same computer. 

Download to Mobile Devices

On iOS and Android devices, you need Bluefire Reader, which is free from the App Store and Google Play. You need an Adobe ID to use Bluefire Reader.

Here is an example of a downloaded book in Bluefire:

The app has strong similarities to any other e-reader you may have used, such as Kindle.

Ebook Central Full Download - Devices

After clicking to download a whole book, the site asks you to choose the category that fits the device you are using: is it a laptop/desktop computer?  Is it an iPad or iPhone?  Is it an Android phone or tablet?  If it is something other than these, they do not support downloads.  And below, is it your own computer or a public computer?

Ebook Central Downloads - Adobe Digital Editions

The site will ask you to install the free program appropriate to your device, either Adobe Digital Editions for computers or Bluefire Reader for mobile devices.  You will also need a free Adobe ID to transfer books to your mobile devices.  Once you have installed the program you can continue.

Ebook Central - Complete Full Download

After you have the program, you should be able to move to step 3 and download your book.  You will only have access to it for a limited time, perhaps a week, for copyright reasons.  You can come back later and download it again if that isn't enough time, or read the rest online.

Adobe Digital Editions - Full Title Download

Here is an example of a full title download in Adobe Digital Editions.

The program has all the bookmarking and table of contents features you expect from an ebook reader.