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eBooks on Ebook Central

A guide to using eBooks on Ebook Central which are provided by CARLI.

Highlights, Notes and Bookmarks

1. Annotation Pane: The Annotation Pane contains all highlights, notes and bookmarks in a book, arranged by page and type. You may delete an annotation by clicking on the trash can icon and this will remove the annotation from the book and from your bookshelf.  Making any note in a book will save the book to your bookshelf for future reference.  

2. Highlights - Pop-up Menu: Select text on a page and choose to highlight in yellow, blue or pink from the pop-up menu.

3. Highlights - Toolbar: Use the highlight icon in the toolbar to highlight text in yellow.

The Annotation Pane, a column where you can move quickly between notes you've already made, is on the left-hand side.  The toolbar contains icons to highlight or make notes.  Selecting text will make a menu with highlight color choices appear as well as an icon where you can write a note for your own study purposes.

4. Add Note - Pop-up Menu: Create a note by selecting text on a page and choosing the note icon in the pop-up menu. Type your note and click on Save.

5. Add Note - Toolbar: To add a note to the whole page rather than selected text, use the note icon in the toolbar.

6. Bookmarks: Click the bookmark icon in the toolbar, or the upper right of the page, to bookmark a page.

Export Notes from Bookshelf

7. Export Notes from Bookshelf: Notes can be exported from your bookshelf. Find the book in your bookshelf, select the More icon and click on Export Notes.

The More icon is to the right of each book's listing, after options to read online, see table of contents, or create a citiation.  Export Notes is the first choice in the menu.  It will download a text file containing the title of the book, your notes, and the page number where you wrote them.