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When searching LCU Discovery, Get It provides access to the resources you need!

Get It Requests

Request from LCU is great if you are only on campus certain days a week or are an off-campus student.

Request a book to pick up on campus from the hold shelf or have the book mailed to your home if you are an off-campus student AND do not live near an I-Share Library.


To request a specific volume of a multi-volume set, enter the volume number in the space that says volulme.

You can place a Scan Request!

Scan request form; Request an article or a section of a book or commentary. We'll email it to you.

NOTE: Scan requests may not be available for all items. 

Need a Scan Request for a Journal Article?

Scan Request does not appear until you select a specific journal.

Scan Request for a specific issue.

Request Books from any I-Share Library to be delivered to Lincoln Christian University! Or Pick Up Books at an I-Share Library Near You!

Request from I-Share