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Introduction to God's Word

A guide to accompany the course BI 501 Introduction to God's Word.


The library has numerous introductions to the entire New Testament that may be checked out of the library.

The library also has ebooks that may be read online such as this title.

To find additional Introductions to the New Testament, try the following subject links.

Background Commentaries

The following background commentaries provide good background information on every passage of the New Testament and are useful for fully understanding the text.  Reference books, marked with R, are in the reference room and cannot be checked out, though students can make scans or copies.  


The Jessie C. Eury Library contains numerous Bible dictionaries which are useful to find more information about a person, place, idea, or event from the Bible.

Historical & Cultural Context

Books on historical and cultural context help you understand what is going on in and around the various Bible texts. They will give you information on what life was like for ancient Jews or what Greek philosophers were teaching at the time of Paul. 

Other Guides

Several other library research guides may also be helpful as you do research on the Bible.